High Speed Semi Automatic Paper Cutting Machine( SAC-W-M3)

Standard Features
  • The outstanding Feature of all the Guru nanak Semi Automatic Paper Cutter is their simple operation, as these doesn't require highly trained personal.
  • Our Paper Cutters are of solid-heavy-duty construction and are engineered with limited floor space in mind. The boby freame is casted as single piece and improtant parts are easily accesible for servicing.
  • Smooth Cut: The material is not forced against the side gauge.
  • Extended full face fornt table provides extra working space outside
    the cutting area.
  • Centralized manual lubrication pump.
  • Right angle cutting is the specific feature of our machines.
  • False Clamp Plate.
  • Motorised Back Gauge: Power operated back-gauge with manual micro-adjustment hand wheel.
  • Double grooved back-gauge and narrowly spaced rake fingers guarantee long lasting percision operation.
  • Foot Clamping Device: Foot Clamping Device for cutting line checkup. (Only in SAC-M2)
Optional Features
  • S.S. Plate on front table.
  • Cladded Steel Knives.
Additional Features in SAC -W-M3
  • Power Clamping: Motorised clamping by push buttons.
  • High Speed Cutting, warm gear mechanism with compact electro magnetic clutch.
  • Photocell safety device.

Size & Technical Specifications

Size 33"(838mm) 36"(915mm) 43"(1092mm)
Maximum Cutting Width 33"(838mm) 36"(915mm) 43"(1092mm)
Maximum Cutting Width 7/8"(22mm) 1"(25mm) 1"(25mm)
Maximum Cutting Height 4½"(114mm) 4½"(114mm) 5"(127mm)
Floor Space 65x65"(1650x1650mm) 76x76" (1930x1930mm) 84x84"(2134x2134mm)
Cutting Speed (SAC-M2) (SAC-W-M3) 35, 42 32, 40 28, 40
Power Required (SAC-M2) (SAC-W-M3) 1.8KW, 2.2KW 1.8KW, 2.2KW 2.6KW, 3.0KW
Wight Apx. 1650 1800 2200