Rotary Sticker Half Cutting, Creasing cum Perforating Machine (SHC)

Basic Descriptions

This machine is designed to cut labels/stickers without cutting the second layer of paper. In certain jobs release paper is required to be cut but the sticker is not to be cut; such job can also be done. This machine can do perforating and creasing. The machine has variable speed drive.

Salient Features
  • The available sizes of machine are 24", 36" & 40".
  • The machine is supplied with eight holders fitted with 1 perforator, 1 Creaser & 6 half Cutters as standard supply.
  • The machine is supplied with variable speed DC motor.
Optional Features
  • The machine can be tailor made to any size and any requirements of the user.
  • The machine can be supplied with different numbers of perforating discs, may be four or six or eight. Eight holders is standard supply.
  • Extra holder can be supplied at exta cost.
  • AC motor with AC drive can be supplied on request at extra cost.